Tanglewood Nursery School





Team Tanglewood

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher – Debs Watson

Deputy Headteacher – Donna MacDonald 

Inclusion Manager– Lauren Wren

The Office Team

Lucy Birt - School Finance and Administration Officer

Jane Hatch - Senior Admin Officer (Admissions)

Tania Parry - Admin Assistant and IT Support

Little Tanglewood Team

Bev Devey – Senior Nursery Nurse

Samantha Bolton – Nursery Assistant

Jade Howard - Nursery Assistant

Sam Groves – Nursery Assistant - (Mornings only)

Charlotte Franklin - Nursery Assistant - (Mornings only)

Aniela Tambescu - Learning Support Assistant - (Mornings only)

Sinead Rooney-Tovey - Learning Support Assistant - (Mornings only)

Tanglewood Team

Daniel Wilson – Red Room Class Teacher

Carole Gibbons - Red Room Nursery Nurse - (Monday -Wednesday)

Debbie Clegg - Red Room Nursery Nurse - (Thursday, Friday)

Amy Ockwell - Red Room Learning Support Assistant

Amy Landers - Blue Room Class Teacher 

Helen Ravic - Blue Room Nursery Nurse

Monique Barnes - Blue Room Learning Support Assisitant - (Mornings only)

Amy Bond - Blue Room Learning Support Assistant

Susie Starling – Yellow Room Teacher - Class Teacher (Monday - Wednesday)

Rachel Hyde - Yellow Room Class Teacher  (Thur, Fri)

Kelly Applegate - Yellow Room Nursery Nurse 


Speech and Language Team

Lauren Woodhead - Speech & Language Therapist - Rainbow Room

Natasha Spong - Speech & Language Therapist - Rainbow Room

Claire Perry - Speech & Language - Learning Support Assistant

Jo Ager - Speech & Language Therapist - Tanglewood & Little Tanglewood

Jackie Tonge - Speech & Language Assistant

PPA/Supply Cover

Zoe Monk 

Tracey Hutchings 

Keira Clarke

Stuart Hall

Karen O'Meara

Site Manager

Zac Lambert


Kim Semple